Adventurous Avchitgad

Avchitgad is a fort located in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra. The fort is situated near Roha in the Raigad district. At the base of this fort is a village called Medha.


This fort is believed to be built by Shilahar kings and subsequently used by the Nizam of Ahmednagar. The great Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji is also believed to have reconstructed this fort. The work was carried out in a hurry and hence the name ‘Avchit’ (hurry) ‘gad’ (fort). In the Third Anglo-Maratha War, this fort was won over by Colonel Prother from the Peshwas in February 1818 along with other forts in the neighboring region.


The approximate height of this fort is 977 feet. The nearest railway station is Nidi. Yhe Pingalsai and Medhe village are well accessible by road.There are two routes to reach the fort. One route starts from the village Pingalsi, it take 2 hours to reach the fort and the other route is from village Medha,which takes about 1hr. to reach the fort top. It is a fairly easy trek from Medhe, the route passes through the jungle up to the fort. The route from Medhe village begins from a big well called “Haud”. The water from this well is potable. Both the routes meet at a saddle-shaped hill. There is a small devi temple at the col. From atop the fort one can have a beautiful view of the neighbouring forts of Talagad, Telbaila, Sarasgad, Dhangad, Sudhagad, Raigad and Savashnagad.

Source of written content: Wikipedia

Watch me trek Avchitgad Fort on YouTube:

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